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June 10 , 2018 | Posted by Matt Reeves |

What are Head Lice? The Facts You Should Know

You may have seen one. Or experienced its infestation when you were a kid. Most probably it was not a pleasant experience. We are talking about the dreaded head louse or the lice if it was an army of them. But what are head lice? What makes these flattened, parasitic, blood-seeking insects so horrible? We

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June 9 , 2018 | Posted by Matt Reeves |

You Should Stop Believing these 8 Head Lice Myths

If you were to ignore the tiny details and the true facts, head lice are indeed horrific. They are like tiny little monsters that thankfully, are not bigger than 2-3mm. Even if they are not actually monsters, people still have some misconceptions about them. You should really stop believing some of these head lice myths.

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