9 Useful Tips to Prevent Head Lice

9 Useful Tips to Prevent Head Lice

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May 16 , 2018 | Posted by Matt Reeves |

9 Useful Tips to Prevent Head Lice

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are small wingless, 2-3 mm long, biting insects which live and breed in your hair and feed by sucking blood from your scalp. Just thinking about these icky bugs can make your scalp itch, think about the effects they can cause once they start growing. Head lice can infect people of all age groups but the most common outbreaks of head lice are seen among children in pre-school, elementary schools and other educational institutions. Many lice infestation cases come across every among children from age 3 to 11 years. It is rightly said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. By preventing the growth of head lice you can protect yourself from the irritating, frustrating and stressful conditions which come after you or your child is infested with lice. Here are a few tips to prevent head lice in your hair.

  • Familiarize yourself with your enemy

The first tip is to arm yourself with some knowledge about your enemy. The infestation period of louse is four to six weeks before you can discover you or your child has got lice. Download the images of head lice so that you are familiar with the looks of the insect when you come across it. You must be aware of the fact that nits help in the diagnosis of lice. A louse lays an egg that is mostly the color of the person’s hair and is glued to the hair ends but after the eggs hatch. A husk is left which is visible, making it possible to see the empty cases.


  • Avoid direct head-to-head contact

Children are more likely to be infested with lice than adults as a head-to-head contact is more common amongst them. Lice do not jump from one head to another they actually crawl very fast on a strand of hair and lay eggs. Children play such games which require direct contacts or lie next to each other during sleepovers, or two kids may touch heads while leaning over a coloring book. All these can cause head lice to travel from one person to another, therefore, steps must be taken in schools to avoid this.


  • Check your children hair regularly

It is not necessary that attention your child’s head shall be paid only when there is a lice breakout in school. Be sure to give a thorough routine check on your child’s head to prevent lice growth. Look out for nits while scanning the head; it can help you in finding the evidence of lice.


  • Do not share hair touching items

This is the most common advice given by everyone to prevent head lice. Hats, glasses, scarves, combs and hairbrushes and headsets are the items on whose surfaces lice can travel and reach from one person to another. So, avoid using other people’s hair items and also do not share your products. Sharing is not always caring, as you can see in this case how many troubles it can cause.


  • Keep long hair tied up in a braid, ponytail, or hair- bun

Some evidences suggest that girls are more susceptible to hair lice than boys owing to their long hair. Long hair can sometimes reach beyond your personal space onto other people’s space. Keeping hair tied and in place prevents your hair from touching others and lowers the chance of infestation.


  • Use essential oils or buy shampoos with such oils to dissuade lice

There are some specific oils from certain trees and plants such as tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender that will all do the trick of deterring lice. The additional benefit of good smell can also be attained with their usage. Using few drops of these oils in water, and spraying it on your head or by adding it to your shampoo is a good way of using them.


  • Avoid direct contact with movie theatre or airplane seats

Hundreds of people sit on the movie theatre seats and many airplane companies have stopped replacing those flimsy paper headrest covers. Once you are aware of the lice pattern it will become impossible for you to ignore these small details. To prevent head lice from such sources, you can tie a scarf around the head of your seat. Then wash the scarf thoroughly before using it again.


  • Use a star pattern at sleepovers

If you are conducting a slumber party for your kid then make sure they do not share beds or pillows. Make it a habit to use sleeping bags or sleep on the floor a part of the party. At night, instead of putting the kids side by side or lying in a circle, you can use the star pattern. Try to get the children lie in a circle with their feet in the middle. Tell them the benefits of it that everyone will get enough sleep and no one will be left in the corner.


  • Sterilize everything

To prevent head lice you must clean all the products your child uses. Regularly wash the hair brushes, hair ties, combs and bed sheets. Wash them in warm water at least 140°F (60°C) and dry them with heat as well. This will be effective in killing the lice or nits.

It is essential to follow some preventive measures to avoid head lice but if you or your child is infested by them it becomes mandatory to treat it. For exceptional and effective lice removal and treatment, lice clinics of Canada is the name to vouch for. To attain our impeccable services you can Contact us via Email: info@LiceClinicsOfCanada.ca or call our experts at 🙁 801) 675-8819