Lice Removal Services and Salons

Lice Removal Services and Salons

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February 26 , 2018 | Posted by Matt Reeves |

Lice Removal Services and Salons

A number of lice salons offering treatments and lice removal services have popped up almost in every neighborhood throughout Canada over the last few years. Most of these salons end up with pretty logos and cute names for the mere factor that often children face troubles with lice more than adults. You’d find names that would almost make the salon seem like a wonderland for your hair, while some others might be the usual hair salons or clinics targeting lice issues in both kids and adults.

The staff members at these lice treatment salons are well equipped and trained at identifying if it’s actually lice, applying topical treatments and medicated shampoos, and combing out the lice. Besides getting rid of the lice from your head, most clients of these salons believe that these places help regain the confidence and put at bay the shame associated with having your hair infested with lice.

If you’re tired of trying to get rid of your child’s lice or lice have become a recurring and overwhelming issue for you, lice salons can be your best option. They offer wonderful treatments as long as your pocket allows for it. While these treatments may be slightly costly and you may have to get it done in multiple shifts, they are definitely the most effective way to get rid of the lice.

Some neighborhood may as well have private lice removal specialists willing to administer treatments on home visits, in case you do not want to visit the salon.

How do lice salons and services work?

As soon as you find out that your child’s hair is infested with lice, it is a good idea to call for an appointment at the lice salon or removal service to avoid the growth of lice overtime. The treatment will be shorter and easier if it is started sooner. Also, ensure that you have an appointment as often there is an outbreak of lice and these salons may be cramped for space and time.

If the lice has been there for a while, it is a good idea to get the entire family checked for lice and get treated if needed. Depending on the salon and service you’re opting, you may be required to carry a spare set of clothes to change into post the treatment.

The lice treatment specialists often use a magnifying handset to identify if you’re infested with lice. Once checked, if you’re infested they may use a topical solution or lice killing shampoo to start with your treatment. This will be followed by a full comb-out for every member.

For kids, most salons tend to offer hand held entertainment devices or videos to keep them occupied while the treatment is in process as the adults wait in the lounge. Be prepared for long hours, as the process is usually lengthy.

About a week after the treatment was first done, you’d need to return for a check-up and another round of treatment to ensure that all the nits and lice are gone as otherwise there is a higher chance of recurrence. When getting the treatment done by a specialist, observe how the comb-out is done. A proper comb-out is needed to get rid of the lice, and this observance might come in handy is you try to do a comb-out for your kid as a preventive measure at regular intervals.


How do I find a lice removal service

You could search the yellow pages or Google for lice removal salon with the name of your city and state. If you’re unable to find a reliable service, it is best to enquire with parents of your child’s classmates or seniors at school or ask for recommendations from the school or from neighbors. You’re likely to chance upon at least a couple of people who have availed these services and would give reliable recommendations.

If you live in a larger city, you may have more options to choose from. If residing in rural areas, the salon may be a short drive away at a nearby town.


How much do lice salons and services cost?

Services at lice salons may cost a bit, depending on the part of the country you live in. Some salons charge hourly while others offer treatments and services at a flat rate. You could check the prices according to the service you opt for like a comb-out, lice check, a full treatments, or aftercare. It is often more cost-effective to go for the flat rate treatments, especially if the person going for the treatment has thick, curly, or long hair.

A general average costing of lice salons in Canada ranges from approximately $75 to $100 per hour. Depending on the neighborhood and the type of service, the cost may vary slightly. A part of the cost may be covered by your health insurance and you may also be eligible for coverage by flexible spending plans.

It is essential to treat head lice effectively as soon as you identify it, as it may infest other family members if you delay the treatment. Lice salons and services thus come to your rescue to get rid of the lice.