Tips for Teaching Your Kid about Head Lice

Tips for Teaching Your Kid about Head Lice

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May 16 , 2018 | Posted by Matt Reeves |

Tips for Teaching Your Kid about Head Lice

If you have a school going kid, it is most likely that you will have to come across a situation involving head lice one day. Many lice infestation cases are seen every year among the children of ages 3-11 years. The head lice infestation is scary for you as well as for your child who has to deal with the regular and irritating itching problem. Panic and fear will be the first reactions of your kid when they will feel wingless insects crawling on their hair and sucking blood from their scalp. The stigma and fear associated with head lice must be reduced in the eyes of your kid in advance. You must follow steps to educate your child about head lice so that when the situation arises you can fight it efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you teach your kid about head lice.

  • Educate yourself

Before teaching your child about lice infestations, be sure to learn about it yourself. You must gather all the required information about head lice from reliable web sites. See images of head lice and nits so that you know what you are looking for. Know about lice’s lifecycle, how commonly they grow, how do they spread, what are their symptoms and how to prevent it? Understand how the louse lays eggs in the hair ends which hatch and leave a husk that can be looked for diagnosing the hair. The unknown is always scary; therefore learn about your enemy in order to defeat it.


  • Gather the family together

Your children may respond better to the learning process if they see that the entire family is involved in the process. All children and parents can work together on this to make it effective. Teach your kid about the symptoms of the head lice so that they can inform you immediately if they experience them.


  • Add preventive measures in the routine of your kid

Children respond well towards routines they can count on. Therefore, follow routines such as keeping separate hair brushes, combs and hair bands. Place distinct outdoor clothes bins in the entryway for each family member and make it a routine for everyone to put their items in their respective bins after school or work. Teach your children not to share items such as hair scarf or hats at school by stopping them at home.


  • Formulate games to teach them

Children respond brilliantly towards games and exercises. Make some special educative games about teaching and play them with your kids. They will learn quickly and efficiently using this style. They would not get bored or scared if you educate them in the form of their favorite game and give small gifts on making progress.


  • Use children books to make the topic more interesting

You need special attractive tools to train your children about head lice. Using colorful children books can help you in this. In today’s world, you have various options as a number of books are available in stores or on kindle regarding head lice. They present the entire process in an intriguing and light-hearted manner using colorful images. This will help in reducing the fear of lice in your child’s mind and will also help in making them retain the information regarding head lice.


  • Show your children they are not alone

In case your child gets infested with head lice, make sure they do not feel detached and lonely. Work together on curing the lice problem as a family. Instill a sense of love and support in them. Tell them they are not alone and will never be isolated from their families.


  • Tell them anyone can have head lice

Owing to the numerous rumors that float around schools children can feel let down or isolated. Therefore, make sure that you tell them it is not something that they have done wrong. By telling your kid about the truth you can put them in a better position of dealing with such rumors and with people who spread them. State the statistics related to head lice to your children that millions of children have them all over the globe. This will ensure them that they are not the only one facing this problem.


  • Teach them the techniques to prevent head lice

After explaining your children about the head lice teach them the methods to prevent it. Some of the important points that you must tell your kid are:

  • Avoid head to head interactions: you must advise your kid to avoid sitting too close to someone while coloring or taking naps at school.
  • Avoid sharing of hair products: small children usually do not carry combs to schools, but they may have other products like scarves and hair bands. You must advise them to not share such items amongst themselves.
  • Tell them to inform you immediately if they experience any itching on their scalp.

Head lice are a nuisance but neither you nor your kid should be scared of them. Preventing the spread of head lice is important but in case you or any of your family members get infected by it; be sure to go to the best lice treating facilities. For exceptional and effective lice removal and treatment, lice clinics of Canada is the name to vouch for. To attain our impeccable services you can Contact us via Email: or call our experts at 🙁 801) 675-8819